Unique Jewelry Designs to Show Off Your Michigan Pride

Preusser Jewelers is Michigan’s oldest jeweler. We opened our doors in 1850 in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. Our expert craftspeople love making custom jewelry that brings out your personality and sense of style. We also sell dynamic pieces not found anywhere else. In today’s blog, Preusser Jewelers talks about unique jewelry that shows off your Michigan pride.

Stunning Sparkles

Diamonds sparkle, pure and simple. Unique diamond jewelry shines like the summer sun. A necklace, tennis bracelet, or beautiful dangle earrings reflect sunlight and mimic the sparkle in your smile. Diamonds are a classic element of jewelry design that works everywhere. Whether you are celebrating July 4th with evening fireworks over Mackinac Island or you are enjoying a summer afternoon sunbathing at the Great Lakes, your diamonds will shine with eye-catching sparkle.

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Michigan Pride at Preusser Jewelers

We can even help you choose or create jewelry that reflects your pride in your favorite Michigan college or university. Think blue sapphires for Michigan or green emeralds for Michigan State. Contact us online, come by our showroom, or give us a call at (616) 458-1425 to discuss your options.

Colored Gemstones to Celebrate Summer

Summer means all-night parties, spending the day at the beach, big concerts, and just plain fun. The hottest months of the year also mean the hottest jewelry styles. When you consider what jewelry to wear out and about, think about beautiful colored gemstones. Bright gems complement, match, or contrast your outfit and accessories.
Preusser Jewelers explains some fantastic options for colored gemstones to wear with your warm-weather ensembles.


June is a great birthstone month, as it has two gems to choose from! Alexandrite is one of the rarest gems, which changes color in different lighting. The color can also be described as “emerald by day and ruby by night”. Natural alexandrite appears has a green tone in natural daylight and reddish-violet in lower light. As you can imagine, the rarity makes it more expensive!

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Pearls can be classic or really cool, depending on you. A strand of pearls are classic, or for a fun piece, mix them with gold or even rubber in a bracelet! (Yes we have some!) You can also add a pair of pearl earrings or a ring to complement your ensemble for a night on the town. Pearls can be classic or modern, elegant or casual. Whether you want them for special occasions or for everyday use, pearls are a perfect choice.

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Colored Gemstones from Preusser Jewelers

As Michigan’s oldest jeweler, we have a wide selection of gemstone jewelry for any occasion. Come to our showroom to see our selection or talk to us about custom jewelry. Contact us or give us a call at (616) 458-1425 to start the conversation.

2019 Bridal Jewelry Trends

Bridal Jewelry Ring

Bridal jewelry trends may change from year to year, and 2019 is no exception. One thing is certain: your jewelry will look fantastic when all is done. That’s what we do best. We guide you and your partner in choosing the best jewelry for each other, according to your lifestyles. In today’s blog post, Preusser Jewelers talks about 2019 bridal jewelry trends as you research your favorite pieces to wear on your big day.

Custom Wedding Rings

While yellow, white or rose gold, and platinum are all great choices (plus you can have two or three colors of metal in the same ring!), consider custom bands that complement your personalities. One growing trend is to use color gems or your own birthstones in your wedding rings. Custom bands make your bridal jewelry as unique as you are.

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Bridesmaid Jewelry

The bride always stands out from everyone else at a wedding, and should! She gets to wear the most stunning dress and jewelry, whether borrowed or new! Brides today are also changing up the way they want their bridesmaids to look. No longer do they always wear matching dresses and jewelry. This opens up a much larger range of style. The bride now has

many options for color and design, and each allows their attendees to still be individuals. So you can guess what that does for jewelry!  

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones are still a unique choice for the center stone in your engagement ring. When Princess Diana chose her stunning blue sapphire engagement ring, it made a statement. When Prince William proposed, everyone saw that Kate, now the Duchess of Cambridge, wore Princess Diana’s ring. Gemstone engagement rings continue to be unique in 2019. Look for bridal jewelry with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or other colored gems. Consider adding colored gemstones to a wedding band to create a different tone, and add diamonds for extra sparkle.

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Bridal Jewelry at Preusser Jewelers

No matter what your preferences are in bridal jewelry, we have a wide range of options at Preusser Jewelers. We can assist couples with custom jewelry of their own design, or you both can peruse our collections in downtown Grand Rapids. Come by our showroom, contact us online, or call us at (616) 458-1425 for more details.

What You Should Know About Estate Jewelry

Two watches

If you are familiar with the auction scene or have had a large amount of jewelry passed down in your family, you’ve probably heard the term estate jewelry before. When it comes to estate jewelry, there are some essential pieces of information you need to know, both if you are selling jewelry or looking to buy. In today’s blog post, Preusser Jewelers discusses what you should know about this type of jewelry.

What Is Estate Jewelry?

Before we get into the details, it’s important to distinguish what estate jewelry. Many people have heard the term, but not everybody knows what it really means. It’s actually very simple. Estate jewelry is, essentially, pre-owned jewelry, and you shouldn’t confuse it with antique jewelry.

Typically, antique jewelry is jewelry that is at least 100 years old. While estate pieces are not antique unless they reach that point, professionals use the term estate jewelry for pieces a decade old or older.

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Do Your Research

When buying estate jewelry, the most useful thing you can do is conduct proper research. In most instances, estate pieces are sold after a person passes away and they leave their jewelry behind. The most common places that you find this type of jewelry is at auctions, estate sales, and even antique stores. It’s essential to do proper research before buying a piece. That way you can verify its age and value. The best place to look for this jewelry is at estate sales because it is easier to authenticate than at antique stores or auctions. The dilemma is a simple one. You might find the best deal at an antique store, but you might not be getting the highest quality piece.

Know the Market

If you’re selling estate jewelry, the best thing you can do is know your market. You might not live in an area that has a big auction scene or antique stores that garner a lot of interest. As noted earlier, the best place to sell these pieces is through an estate sale because it is easier to authenticate. However, for sellers in a tough area, online sales are always an option.

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Before selling any piece, however, you should get it appraised so you know its actual value. Arguably the biggest mistake made by people selling old antiques or jewelry is that they sell pieces without knowing their real value. When this happens, you leave money on the table.

Contact Preusser Jewelers for More Information and Tips

If you are looking for jewelry solutions, both traditional and custom, Preusser Jewelers can help. For more information on our collections, get in touch with us today at (616) 458-1425 or contact us online today.

Common Questions About Custom Jewelry

Two jewelers working on a custom piece

As you search for the perfect piece of jewelry, whether it’s an engagement, anniversary or a birthday, you might consider going the custom jewelry route. You have the ideal piece of jewelry in mind, but searching for that diamond in the rough can be tiresome and frustrating. Creating a custom piece ends the search. However, this process can also be complicated. In today’s blog post, Preusser Jewelers talks about some common questions surrounding custom jewelry.

How Do I Pick a Design?

The design process is the most critical aspect of the custom process. You might be tired of searching for the perfect piece, but without the right design you wind up right back where you started.  This just adds to your perceived frustrations. At Preusser Jewelers, our skilled craftsmen will help you create an ideal design for custom jewelry that you’ll love. We work with the highest quality metals and stones. Our jewelers make your beautiful design a reality with our highly skilled craftsmanship.

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How Does the Process Work?

Typically, the process of creating a custom piece begins with a consultation. First, you meet or speak on the phone with a designer to give him or her a better idea of what you are looking for. Then, the person will move on to the sketching phase where they construct hand sketches that show you what your design will look like.

Once you approve the sketch, the jeweler moves to the rendering process, giving you a more realistic vision of your custom piece. After that, you typically see a wax model after the rendering, which eventually gives way to the actual manufacturing process. After just a few more weeks, you have your beautiful custom piece in hand.

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How Long Does the Process Take?

The entire custom jewelry process at Preusser Jewelers takes, on average, three to five weeks. At Preusser, we want you to be involved during the whole process, from talking to the jeweler through the completion of the piece. Our goal is to produce a piece of jewelry that you will love. Depending on the complexity of the project, that can take time. However, we can assure you that the final product will be well worth the wait.

How Much Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

As you would expect, custom jewelry is generally more expensive than ordinary jewelry because it also includes very particular design and labor work. Because this is a custom process, there isn’t a set cost for custom jewelry. Depending on the metal you choose, the stones you want, and the design itself, prices may vary significantly.

Contact Preusser Jewelers for More Information

If you are looking for traditional or custom jewelry, Preusser Jewelers has your solution. For more information on what we bring to the table, get in touch with us at (616) 458-1425 or contact us online today.

A Look at Bridal Jewelry From 1850

Vintage Bridal Jewelry

Preusser Jewelers traces its roots back to 1850. That’s when William Preusser founded this company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a frontier town of 5,000 people. Today, we pride ourselves on being a trusted name for fine fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry, and more. In today’s blog, we harken back to our roots and talk about bridal jewelry from around 1850.


Until 1852, jewelry of any kind was handmade. That’s something Preusser Jewelers can appreciate. Bridal jewelry, in particular, was fashionably constructed of 18-karat or 22-karat gold. Rings were embellished with colored gems, such as sapphires, rubies, chalcedony, amethyst, garnet, and topaz. Pearls were also popular. Diamonds weren’t quite en vogue just yet.

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Necklaces were very elaborate in terms of bridal jewelry. Many designs depicted flowers, leaves, and butterflies because Victorians loved nature. Seed pearls were all the rage in 1850. These tiny little gems were used by designers to create flowers with petals while gold or silver formed leaves. Pearls also went into butterfly wings. Elaborate seed pearl necklaces draped the front of the dress and stretched to the middle of the bride’s back.

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Talk to Preusser Jewelers About Custom Bridal Jewelry

At Preusser Jewelers, we care about your personal tastes when it comes to bridal jewelry. Our master craftspeople can custom-make unique and stunning pieces using time-honored techniques and current technology. Call us at (616) 458-1425 or contact us online for more information.

Craftsmanship, Celebration, Confidence, Casual Atmosphere

4Cs of Quality Customer Service at Preusser Jewelers

Couple with saleslady

Most people are familiar with the 4Cs criteria for evaluating the quality of diamonds and other gemstones. They are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. At Preusser Jewelers, there’s another set of 4Cs we’re concerned with. They are the 4Cs of quality customer service.

1. Craftsmanship

At Preusser Jewelers, we’re committed to the craft of jewelry. We understand the amount of work and attention to detail that goes into making every piece of fine quality jewelry. Besides an assortment of designer collections we carry, we also employ experienced craftsmen that can create custom jewelry that appeals to any taste.

2. Celebration

We are happy to help you celebrate the special occasions in your life. From birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, to new births, we can help you find the perfect gift to commemorate those special moments.

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3. Confidence

Whenever you purchase jewelry from Preusser Jewelers, you can be confident that you’ve made the best choice. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about a piece so that you can make well-informed decisions.

4. Cost Saving Casual Atmosphere

Our customers report that we have much more reasonable prices compared to any retail chain jewelry store. Not only is Preusser Jewelers sometimes thousands of dollars less expensive, but we also provide a low-pressure environment to allows our customers the time they need to choose the best piece that fits within their budget.

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Find Quality Service at Preusser Jewelers

Our many returning customers attest to the fact that Preusser Jewelers is special. We have an experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. Our long history of customer service and quality products qualify us to satisfy the unique needs of each customer. To learn more about our products and services, contact us by phone at (616) 458-1425 or visit our store today.

Information About Jewelry Appraisals from Preusser Jewelers

What You Need to Know About Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry appraisal

You may need to get a jewelry appraisal for liquidation, consignment, taxes, inheritance or estate purposes. Or you may need one for scheduling on your homeowners or renters insurance policy. No matter the reasons for the appraisal, you want to be sure you get a quality appraisal for a reasonable price, with all the necessary documentation. Preusser Jewelers provides the information you need, so you can be sure you are getting a fair and accurate appraisal.

An appraisal is a document that describes an item, determines its relative quality, and assigns a value to it. Descriptions usually cover the visible, measurable and analyzable facts about the piece, such as gemstone or diamond weight, materials, and markings. Jewelry appraisals should describe gemstone quality, count, shape, size, grade, weight, metal type, etc.  

A complete appraisal will usually include laboratory work to inspect and gather facts about the piece, or include a lab report. If done for homeowners or renters policies, the item is appraised for current market values, plus a small cushion percentage to allow for market fluctuations.  They do need to be updated every 4-5 years, so you know the piece is being accurately covered. You don’t want to over-insure your jewelry, with a high retail, which will not help you if the piece is lost, stolen or damaged. That will only make your premium higher than it should be.

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Please contact us for more information.

Types of Jewelry Appraisals

To be sure you’re getting the most accurate appraisal, you need to understand the differences between the various types of jewelry appraisals. If you’ve ever watched The Antiques Roadshow, you’ve learned a little about the differences between fair market value and insurance appraisals. The reason for the appraisal will determine what type is needed.

●     Fair Market Value Appraisals

Fair market value appraisals estimate what the piece could sell for if a buyer was found. Besides the intrinsic value of the piece, changes in the popularity of certain jewelry will affect the value. The value must represent the item’s value in its used condition. Charitable donations and estate planning generally require fair market appraisals. These will run lower than having an appraisal for replacement purposes.

●     Insurance Appraisals

Most jewelry appraisals are done for insurance replacement at moderate retail. The reason people insure their jewelry is to be able to replace the item, so the appraisal should reflect the realistic cost of replacing an item in a jewelry store that sells the same type of jewelry. Insurance appraisals should be updated every 4-5 years to make sure the piece still has adequate insurance coverage.

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●     Immediate Liquidation Value Appraisals

Divorce settlements and some types of estate dispersals may require this type of appraisal. Less common types of immediate liquidation value appraisals include probate and loan collateral appraisals. These usually reflect low values because of the situations that create their need. Values can be estimated at wholesale or in some situations much lower than wholesale.

Typical Jewelry Appraisal Costs

Appraisal services are charged a fee per piece, based on design, and stone count. Please contact us for more information.

How Can You Get the Most Accurate Jewelry Appraisal?

The best way to ensure you’re getting an accurate jewelry appraisal is finding a trustworthy appraiser. Characteristics of trustworthy jewelry appraisers are:

Good Credentials – A professional jewelry appraiser should be certified or titled by a respected national appraisal organization, like the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. They should also have a Graduate Gemologist diploma from the GIA or its equivalent.

Broad Knowledge and Experience – A qualified jewelry appraiser must understand manufacturing techniques and recognize their contributions to the value of an item. A wide range of jewelry experience over several years will lead to a more knowledgeable appraiser. It’s also equally important for an appraiser to have solid experience in the appraisal business.

Choose Preusser Jewelers for All Your Jewelry Appraisals

If you need a professional jewelry appraisal in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, visit Preusser Jewelers. Our staff includes a senior charter member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and a GIA graduate gemologist. We have a long esteemed reputation of providing fair and accurate appraisals. Contact us for more information.

Learn All the Details About Custom Jewelry Design

All You Need to Know About Custom Jewelry Design

Custom jewelry designing

Sometimes, no matter how much you look, you just can’t find the perfect piece of jewelry that’s just what you had in mind. You might like the stone, but not the setting. Or maybe you like parts of the design elements from two different pieces. You also may have inherited a fine jewelry piece that just isn’t your style. The staff at Preusser Jewelers are ready to help in any of these situations.

A History of Exceptional Custom Jewelry Design

Our design philosophy has grown over our long and successful history in Grand Rapids. As the longest-serving jewelry store in Michigan, we have watched many jewelry trends come and go, and we have kept up with each new change while preserving our appreciation for the past.

This outlook makes us uniquely qualified to cater to all tastes. If you’re looking for a piece of custom jewelry that captures the classic feel of fashions from a bygone era, we have a deep creative well to pull from to make the perfect piece for you. We can also clean or customize pieces of classic or vintage jewelry.

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Time Honored Techniques, State of the Art Tools

We can turn your vision into a unique and stunning piece of custom jewelry. Our skilled craftsmen utilize time-honored techniques and state-of-the-art tools in an expertly designed studio environment to make custom pieces that are truly breathtaking.

Our craftsmen work with 18Kt. and 14Kt. yellow, white, and rose gold and platinum. Any of these options can give your custom piece a dazzling appearance, even on the most understated style.

We can also use jewelry you have inherited or purchased second hand and redesign it into something that you can truly be proud of. Whether you want to keep its original character, or use an existing piece of jewelry as a base to make something brand new, our skilled craftsmen can complete the work with the highest regard for quality and detail.

Custom jewelry doesn’t always mean we make the piece from scratch. We have many semi-mounts, which are mountings with cubic zirconia in the center, so you don’t have to view a ring with nothing in the center. All of the accent stones are real. This way, you can choose the stone you want for the center, in terms of quality. Also the mounting can be ordered to fit larger or smaller stones for the center, or a different shape, and in the color of gold you want, or even platinum.

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Personal Service

Whether you want something classic, something modern, or a unique combination of both, we can make it perfect. Our designers are well equipped to follow your instructions and add a flare to your creative concepts. You can be as involved in the process as you’d like — from sketches to wax carving, casting and finishing. Having an in-house studio means that you’ll get personal service from designers you know and trust. The entire process will usually take three to five weeks.

Contact Preusser Jewelers for Custom Jewelry

With a commitment to innovative design and high-quality materials, Preusser Jewelers is the perfect jewelry store to assist you in creating that perfect piece of custom jewelry. Some of our happiest moments are seeing the joy on our customers’ faces when they see their completed custom jewelry pieces for the first time. Come into our store or contact us so we can show you the world of possibilities in custom jewelry design.

Preusser Jewelers Recommends Perfect Gifts for New Mothers

Gift Suggestions for New Mothers from Preusser Jewelers

“Push Presents,” also known as “Baby Baubles” gained popularity in the United States in the 1990s. These are gifts usually given by a partner to a new mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. The trend was started by celebrities, but the gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Preusser Jewelers has lots of ideas (like jewelry featuring the new baby’s birthstone) that any new mom will treasure for years to come.

All You Need to Know About Push Presents

In general, the practice of giving gifts to new mothers isn’t a new one. New moms in England have traditionally been given diamond rings. Gold is a common gift for new mothers in Greece and India.

The basic thought behind the practice is expectant mothers get a lot of presents at baby showers, but those gifts are actually for the new baby. Some feel that the mother should be given a special gift too.

These tokens typically come from her partner, but may also be given by her close friends, siblings, or parents. If the new baby has older siblings, the gift may even come from them, and dad or grandparents may want to do something special also.

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Perfect Gifts for New Mothers

As we already mentioned, the gift to the new mom doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t even have to be a material item. Gifts of your time, such as free babysitting would be a much-appreciated gift for the new mom. She could use this time for a date night, going shopping, or just some time to herself to do things she can’t when taking care of an infant.

Small gestures can also mean a lot. Dropping off a meal for the family is always a welcome surprise. Walking the dogs, picking up deliveries, taking the trash out or other chores the dad would usually handle will free him up to spend more time with the new mom and baby.

Jewelry Gifts for New Moms

If you do want to give a woman jewelry to mark the occasion of her journey into motherhood, it should have sentimental value. Jewelry items that she can wear every day would be perfect! Here are some suggestions:

  •     A stackable ring with the baby’s birthstone and accented with diamonds
  •     Engraved pieces such as a ring or necklace with the baby’s name and birthdate
  •     Lockets with the baby’s picture inside
  •     Pendants with baby’s initials
  •     Simple jewelry such as charm bracelets centered on the new baby

We offer custom jewelry design so you can create a personalized gift for the new mother. For instance, we could create a custom piece featuring the baby’s birthstone matched with the mother’s birthstone. With custom design, the possibilities are almost endless. Keep in mind custom jewelry takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

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Get the Perfect Jewelry Gifts for New Moms at Preusser Jewelers

If you decide to give a jewelry gift to that special new mom in your life, you can find the perfect item at Preusser Jewelers. Our courteous, knowledgeable staff can help you choose that special gift from our wide inventory, or we can help you get started on a custom piece. Contact us today for more information.