How a Jeweler Makes Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry Repair Preusser Jewelers

Preusser Jewelers prides itself on being one of the top Grand Rapids jewelry stores. We provide custom jewelry, bridal jewelry, and designer collections for our customers. Our in-house craftspeople can make jewelry repairs on any beautiful, high-quality pieces. Today, Preusser Jewelers discusses the jewelry repair process here at our beautiful store in downtown Grand Rapids.

When You Need Jewelry Repair

Any jewelry that is worn very frequently, or every day, should be checked by one of our experienced staff. We recommend bringing your jewelry in to us every 6 months. A six-month checkup ensures your piece stays strong.

What We Look for in Jewelry Repair 

We can spot if a prong, shank, or clasp is getting worn out. Our expert craftspeople then recommend a solution and explain exactly what we’ll do. Jewelry repair takes a special touch, and our staff will do everything possible to return your jewelry to like-new condition.

Even Expensive Jewelry Needs Repair

Sometimes we hear “That ring was expensive, I shouldn’t have to do anything to it!” The purchase price has nothing to do with maintenance. Gold, platinum, and sterling silver can wear down over time, and stones can loosen and fall out.  People’s lifestyles and activities will determine how often servicing may be needed.  

Talk to Preusser Jewelers About Jewelry Repair

Our in-house master jeweler will estimate what needs to be done. An average jewelry repair takes approximately one week.  Please stop in and talk to us at Preusser Jewelers if you have any questions or concerns about your jewelry.


We get this question all the time.  Today I had a client who’s engagement ring had lost the center diamond, (she found it !)  and after looking at the prongs, I could easily see they were worn out, and being worn out, there wasn’t any support left to hold her diamond properly.  I asked her when she last had it checked, and she said never, why should she, the ring was expensive, it should last!  When did you get it, I asked.  She said 12 years ago (!)  I’m not sure why the price would affect the durability, but people often think so.  It truly doesn’t matter if it has a high value, or not.  Metals can wear down over time, and rings that are worn day in and out, take a beating.  Client’s think they aren’t doing anything to cause wear, but daily activities will put wear and tear on the jewelry you wear every day.  You can save yourself  a headache, (and heartache), by coming to see us at least twice a year.  Then we can let you know if your jewelry is okay,  or recommend what needs to be repaired.  Think of your car and getting the oil changed, or going to the dentist.  Preventative maintenance!  Bracelets are another style that can really take a beating.  Earrings and necklaces, not so much, but they still should be looked at.  We don’t charge for this.  Jewelry almost always has very strong memories associated with it, which makes it very emotional.  Losing a piece because something wore out can be heartbreaking.  Be wise, and come in and have it checked and cleaned, really is a no-brainer.  Besides, it will look fantastic!