Custom Jewelry at Preussers

When you have a special occasion which requires an exclusive design, Preussers can turn your vision into a unique and stunning one of a kind piece of custom jewelry. Our skilled jeweler uses time-honored techniques with the newest technology, Preussers can create a custom piece of jewelry that will be truly breathtaking.If you’re looking for any other type of jewelry, whether it’s fashion jewelry, diamond rings, diamond earrings, engagement rings and much, much more, you’ll find it with Preusser Jewelers.

Custom Craftsmanship

Our craftsmen work with the rarest of metals, platinum, as well as 18Kt. and 14Kt. yellow, white, and rose gold. Any one of these options can give your custom piece a truly dazzling appearance that will attract the eye even on the most understated design.

We can also use jewelry you have inherited, and jewelry that is broken or out-of-date, and redesign it into something that you can truly be proud of. Whether you want to keep its original character, or use an existing piece of jewelry as a base to make it brand new, our skilled craftsmen can do it for you with the highest regard for quality and detail.

How Long Does It Take?

The entire process on average can take from 3 to 6 weeks approximately.  Depending on the level of involvement you’d like to have, we are happy to work with you to produce the perfect result. 

Above all,  Preussers wants you to be thrilled when your new design is complete. Get in touch with us and let Preussers Jewelers show you the world of possibilities in custom jewelry design.

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Preusser Jewelers has been supplying the highest quality jewelry for over 173 years, from the beginning with William Preusser working alone, to our premier jewelry store in Grand Rapids, MI today.

If you’re interested in having custom jewelry made, contact Preusser Jewelers today. We can work with you to craft the perfect piece of custom jewelry, that captures the essence of who you are, your personal style and your own aesthetic.

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