Custom Jewelry FAQs

Preusser Jewelers in Downtown Grand Rapids

Preusser Jewelers in downtown Grand Rapids showcases some of the best fine jewelry in the heart of our beautiful city. 

We also have in-house jewelry makers who offer world-class, custom jewelry designs that speak to your sense of personal style and symbolize your relationship with your sweetheart.

Today, our staff answers several frequently asked questions about custom jewelry.

How much does custom jewelry cost?

Your costs depend on several factors for your custom jewelry piece:

  1. Type of precious metal. Silver, gold, platinum, and palladium all have different price points. 
  2. Amount of metal in your jewelry. If your custom jewelry has more of your chosen metal, the price goes up.
  3. Purity of the metal. 14k gold, in general, costs less than 24k gold. 
  4. Types of gems. Some previous gems have higher price points than others based on market value.
  5. Number of gems. Do you want one gem or three? The number of gems in your custom jewelry may affect your costs. 
  6. Grade of gems. Higher-quality gems are generally higher in price.
  7. Total carat weight of gems. The total carat weight of your chosen gems can make the costs rise, depending on your chosen gems. A 1-carat diamond may cost more than a ½-carat diamond, depending on the condition and grade of the gemstones.

How long does a custom jewelry project take?

In general, your piece takes about three months to complete from concept to completion. Factors like supply, complexity, and design changes can lengthen the time of your custom jewelry project.

What is the custom jewelry process at Preusser’s?

Our staff is more than happy to help you create the custom jewelry piece of your dreams!

Our process goes like this: 

  1. Bring us your inspiration! Talk to us! Designing custom jewelry begins with a conversation. We’ll listen, ask questions, and talk about the overall concept as well as finer details that will go into your custom jewelry.
  2. We’ll draw what we think you want for your custom piece. At this point, we can make corrections and tweaks before we make a 3-D rendering. You can tell us what you like, don’t like, or want to tweak. This process gives us a visual representation of the final piece.
  3. The next step is to make a 3-D rendering of the drawing. It will bring your jewelry to life! The goal here is for you to see how it might look once we’re done fashioning it from metal and gemstones. You can still make tweaks here, too.
  4. If you need more details on how the piece will feel on your hand, Preusser’s custom jeweler will make a physical model of the ring for you to try on. It will also showcase some details of how the setting will look. The goal of the model is to give you an idea of how the weight and size of a ring will feel on your finger.
  5. Time to craft it from metal and stone! In about three months, you’ll have a beautiful piece of jewelry that fits your style and edifies your love for your partner. We promise a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will love for a lifetime.

Where can I get custom jewelry in Grand Rapids?

At Michigan’s oldest jeweler, right here in the heart of Grand Rapids. Preusser Jewelers has an in-house, full-service custom jewelry studio. Not only do we help craft a piece that meets your standards, we’ll also fix, clean, and repair the jewelry so it shines as brightly as you do.

Contact us online or call 616-458-1425 for more information. 

Better yet, come into our downtown store and talk to us. We’ll discuss what we can make for you.

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