The Lure of Emeralds and Green as a Gemstone Color

Emeralds hold a special place at Preusser Jewelers. The deep green of each gem captures the imagination and whisks you to faraway places, like an emerald-green forest in the tropics, the Emerald Isle of Ireland, or the famed Emerald City in Oz. Today’s blog from Preusser Jewelers showcases the allure of emeralds and green as a gemstone color.

Romantic History

The name emerald comes from the ancient Greek word for green, “smaragdus.” Emeralds were also prized by Roman elites, such as Pliny the Elder, for easing eye strain. Egyptians began mining emeralds as far back as 330 BC, and Cleopatra loved to wear them. Green, as a favored gemstone color, has a history nearly 2,500 years old!

Largest Emeralds

The honor of the largest emerald goes to a 57,500-carat beauty called Teodora, sold in Canada in 2012. Teodora was mined in Brazil and sold to a buyer in India, where it was cut. These colored gemstones can reach notoriously large sizes, sometimes over 1,000 carats! Imagine wearing a 1,000-carat ring on your hand!


Where do emeralds get their green color? It comes from trace amounts of chromium or vanadium in the rock. Emeralds are less dense than diamonds, meaning a 1-carat emerald looks bigger in size compared to a 1-carat diamond.  

Sign of Spring: Gemstone Colors at Preusser Jewelers

Because of the lush green color, emeralds signify heralds of spring. They’re the birthstone for May, and they represent growth, prosperity, and richness. Stop by our showroom in downtown Grand Rapids to see the best fine jewelry with emeralds at Preusser Jewelers.

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