What You Should Know About Estate Jewelry

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If you are familiar with the auction scene or have had a large amount of jewelry passed down in your family, you’ve probably heard the term estate jewelry before. When it comes to estate jewelry, there are some essential pieces of information you need to know, both if you are selling jewelry or looking to buy. In today’s blog post, Preusser Jewelers discusses what you should know about this type of jewelry.

What Is Estate Jewelry?

Before we get into the details, it’s important to distinguish what estate jewelry. Many people have heard the term, but not everybody knows what it really means. It’s actually very simple. Estate jewelry is, essentially, pre-owned jewelry, and you shouldn’t confuse it with antique jewelry.

Typically, antique jewelry is jewelry that is at least 100 years old. While estate pieces are not antique unless they reach that point, professionals use the term estate jewelry for pieces a decade old or older.

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Do Your Research

When buying estate jewelry, the most useful thing you can do is conduct proper research. In most instances, estate pieces are sold after a person passes away and they leave their jewelry behind. The most common places that you find this type of jewelry is at auctions, estate sales, and even antique stores. It’s essential to do proper research before buying a piece. That way you can verify its age and value. The best place to look for this jewelry is at estate sales because it is easier to authenticate than at antique stores or auctions. The dilemma is a simple one. You might find the best deal at an antique store, but you might not be getting the highest quality piece.

Know the Market

If you’re selling estate jewelry, the best thing you can do is know your market. You might not live in an area that has a big auction scene or antique stores that garner a lot of interest. As noted earlier, the best place to sell these pieces is through an estate sale because it is easier to authenticate. However, for sellers in a tough area, online sales are always an option.

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Before selling any piece, however, you should get it appraised so you know its actual value. Arguably the biggest mistake made by people selling old antiques or jewelry is that they sell pieces without knowing their real value. When this happens, you leave money on the table.

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