All About Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings Basics

A halo ring on a black background.

The halo ring option is modern and beautiful. In this blog, Preusser Jewelers explains how you can customize your halo ring to suit your personal tastes and add even more uniqueness to an already stunning diamond profile.

Center Stone Selection

A halo will make your diamond look a little larger. Round diamonds have a few more halo-shape choices. Other shapes tend to have fitted halos.

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How Many Halos?

When you decide you want a halo, remember that you can add one, two, or even three halos.

Choosing A Metal

14kt, 18kt, or platinum are all great. As you select your metal, make sure that you are considering how it will look with the color and clarity of your stones. This is especially important if you opt for a colored gem halo around your center stone.

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