Preusser Jewelers and 2020 Jewelry Trends to Watch For

Preusser Jewelers has been carrying fine jewelry in Grand Rapids since 1850. 2020 marks our 170th anniversary! We’re Michigan’s oldest jeweler, and we stay on top of the latest jewelry trends. Check out some 2020 jewelry trends to watch for as the New Year begins.


All gemstones are technically natural, but pearls have a natural beauty that comes from an animal rather than inside the earth. In 2020, discover that perfect set of pearls from Preusser Jewelers when you want something elegant and traditional that goes with almost any outfit.

2020: The Year of Preusser Jewelers

Stop by our store in downtown Grand Rapids for a wide range of jewelry styles. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, big, or small, Preusser Jewelers has fine jewelry that looks great on you. Contact us or come on by and say hi!

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