Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Visit Jewelers in Grand Rapids

Preusser Jewelers is the premier jewelry store in Grand Rapids and west Michigan. We’ve been in business since 1850, and we’re Michigan’s oldest jeweler! Take a look at why the holidays are the perfect time to visit Preusser Jewelers in Grand Rapids.

Winter Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to visit Preusser Jewelers in Grand Rapids! Come to our store and see our beautifully made and unique diamond jewelry, from rings to necklaces and unusual “one of a kind” pieces. Diamond rings and engagement rings are always in high demand year-round, and even more proposals happen around Christmas and New Year’s!

Trendy and Timeless!

Preusser’s in Grand Rapids showcases the latest trends. Find that signature piece to go with your stunning outfit, shop for bridal jewelry, or choose a killer necklace for a wedding gift that she will love forever. Our options are limitless!


Winter means layers of clothing, which also means layers of jewelry. Think of elongated necklaces with accents in gems and gold combinations. You can wear two or three pieces in different lengths which showcase each other, and they can be worn alone also.  Long necklaces can be wound around your neck twice to go with a different top or sweater!

Preusser Jewelers: One of the Best Jewelers in Grand Rapids

Stop by Preusser Jewelers now and through December and check out some great specials on fantastic fine jewelry. Our dedication to customer service and our selection of fine jewelry can’t be beat by other jewelers in Grand Rapids. We’d love to see you!

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