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Are you planning a fall wedding? Fall weddings are beautiful here in the Grand Rapids area, particularly in late September through mid-October. The leaves are turning brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Today’s blog from Preusser Jewelers showcases some fall wedding ideas for our area.

Embrace the Season

Fall has so many traditions. It’s harvest time for farmers. Halloween and Thanksgiving are approaching. Schools just started their fall semesters. These traditions offer so many themes to draw on.

Colors & Decor

Colors for fall include orange, deep yellow, burgundy and other dark reds, caramel and nutty browns, as well as emerald green. Consider decor that embraces these colors, such as cranberries, orange flowers, pumpkins, leaves, acorns, ears of corn, and apples, just to name a few. 


Rustic themes are the first ones to come to mind for fall weddings. Preusser Jewelers suggests having an outdoor wedding at a nearby farm or park. However, you can still have an indoor wedding at one of several indoor venue spaces in our beautiful city. 

Harvest time offers a great theme with delicious food, agricultural products, and vibrant colors. Of course, there’s Halloween with the scary stuff if you’re into a more macabre mindset.


Fall time is a great time for food, whether you choose to have a sit-down dinner at the reception or just light snacks. Even your wedding cake can embrace the fall season! Think about carrot, pumpkin, or spice cake. For your guests, consider mini pumpkin pies as a light snack or a hearty meal of turkey with all the fixins (similar to Thanksgiving dinner) for a memorable wedding experience.

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