Preusser Jewelers

A diamond may be the hardest substance known to man, but to keep it looking its best, it needs proper care and maintenance. This is especially important if you wear your diamond every day.

To keep daily build-ups of soap, cosmetics, and skin oils from dulling your beautiful jewelry, follow any one of the following procedures to care for your gem.

Professional Cleaning
This is the best option and also gives you the opportunity to have Preussers check your settings to make sure they are not damaged or loose. This should be done at least two times per year.

Cold Water Soak
A mixture of one cup cold water and 1/4 cup household ammonia will work well on most gems. Do not use for soft gems, like pearls, opals, or turquoise. Soak for 30 minutes, then lift out and brush gently underneath the stones and around the design. Rinse in plain water.

Over-The-Counter Jewelry Cleaners
Ask Preussers for a liquid jewelry cleaner made for most gems, and follow the instructions on the label. A good cleaner is designed to remove loose dirt and dissolve any oils or residue on the stone.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
This method involves a special machine that uses a high-frequency vibration to clean the jewelry. The jewelry is enclosed in a small cup with cleaning solution and soon, depending on how dirty they are, the stones will sparkle once again. We recommend having Preussers do this, but small ultrasonic cleaners can be purchased for use at home.