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Preusser Jewelers is dedicated to all aspects of the jewelry industry. Our services include expert jewelry appraisals for customers who want to use our expertise to determine the fair market value of jewelry. We offer evaluations for consignment, liquidation, tax, estate, and insurance purposes.

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Jewelry Consignment

For a jewelry consignment, we examine your collection on a piece-by-piece basis for condition, design, and uniqueness. Then we give you a fair assessment and price based on the current market. If you sell your item as a consignment, we keep a portion of the sale as a fee. Our jewelry appraisals get you a competitive price.

Jewelry Liquidation

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Liquidation is when you sell us your jewelry directly. Professional jewelry appraisal for liquidation uses the same exacting standards as we do for consignments.


You may have to pay income taxes on your jewelry, particularly if you inherit items as a gift or sell them at a profit. The key here is the fair market value for each piece. Jewelry appraisals often give you fair market value, or the baseline price, that a jewelry store would pay for an item. How much profit you make (and taxes you pay) depends on the value of the estate, how much you mark up the jewelry after fair market value.

Estate Sales

When you sell your jewelry on your own as part of an estate sale, it’s crucial to have guidelines for prices. We perform thorough jewelry appraisals for every piece in your collection, whether you have 20 items or 200.


When you need a professional appraisal, you want the confidence that it’s done thoroughly and ethically. We often work directly with your insurance agents to save you time and effort. Preusser Jewelers assists individuals and their representatives, as well as institutions, to determine the best market value of jewelry for insurance purposes when buying a policy or filing a claim.

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Preusser Jewelers has a senior charter member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and a Gemological Institute of America graduate gemologist on staff. Jewelry appraisal guidelines are strict, and we take great care to get jewelry appraisals done right. Get in touch with us today or call us at 1-616-458-1425 to talk about having a jewelry appraisal for your valuable items.

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