Jewelry Consignment and Liquidation at Preusser Jewelers

If you would like to sell your jewelry or gemstones, the experts at Preusser Jewelers can help. Whether you want to sell your jewelry on consignment or you want to liquidate your jewelry right away,  we can thoroughly explain the process, so you feel comfortable and fully understand how we arrived at the quote.  Read on to learn more about jewelry consignment and liquidation at Presser Jewelers.

Jewelry Consignment

When you sell jewelry on consignment, you are still the owner of the pieces until they are sold. We will inform you upfront of what you will be paid, and how we arrived at that amount.   We consider individual pieces based on condition, design, and uniqueness, and if the jewelry will do well in the secondary market.  We are very transparent about the process.


Jewelry Liquidation

Vintage Wedding Ring
Classic Gemstone Ring

Jewelry liquidation is option if you are looking to sell your pieces quickly. We tell you what we’re looking for and examine the saleability of each item. We may or may not purchase your jewelry, depending on what the market is like. We also examine pieces, and look for design, condition, and the size and quality of the stones. if we decide to buy your jewelry, we promise to tell you clearly so you understand how and why we arrived at our offer.  Unlike jewelry consignment, Preusser Jewelers will be the owner when you have signed off, and been paid. 

Preusser Jewelers Jewelry Consignment or Liquidation

Preusser Jewelers serves clients from all over the state, and many times, all over the USA. Please contact us or call us at 1-616-458-1425 or 1- 888-523-5209  to set up an appointment so that we can discuss your options for jewelry consignment or liquidation. We are honest and upfront with you about your prices and the saleability of each piece you own.

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