What’s a Loupe? How Do We Use One? Preusser Jewelers Answers!

Jeweler Using a Loupe to look at a diamond

You’ve seen a jeweler reach into a toolkit or pocket to pull out what looks like a special magnifying glass before examining a piece of jewelry. It’s a small, handheld tool called a loupe. What is a loupe? Preusser Jewelers explains how we use a loupe in our daily duties at our jewelry store.

How Big Is a Loupe?

A loupe is about half an inch in diameter. It can magnify between 10 and 20 times to give a jeweler a close-up view of a piece of jewelry. Loupes are small enough to fold up into themselves for easy carrying. Some jewelers are kept around the neck on a pendant for easy access.

What’s in a Loupe?

A loupe consists of three lenses. There is a lens on either side of the loupe, but there is a third lens embedded inside the loupe. Normal magnifying glasses have two lenses, but there is a distortion effect that means you must change the focal length of the glass. However, the third lens inside of a loupe means a jeweler doesn’t have to move the loupe without changing the view of the gemstone.

Why Use a Loupe?

The point of a loupe is to inspect a diamond for any issues relating to its clarity and identity. Artistically, a loupe brings to light the inner beauty of gemstones. A jeweler can see the inner beauty and inner light of gemstones. If there are any imperfections or inclusions, a loupe will bear them out on a close inspection.

Documenting a Gemstone

Another main reason to use a loupe is for the diamond’s paperwork. Any good jeweler will create documentation and illustrations outlining the diamond’s condition. A jeweler will use a diagram of a gem and then make markings on it to show the inclusions and imperfections on the surface or inside. 

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