Factors That Determine the Value of a Jewelry Appraisal

We see a lot of people who come to our store with jewelry that has been passed down in the family. Or they purchased a piece on vacation or it was received as a gift. Our professional jewelers are trained to appraise jewelry to determine the value of each piece in today’s market. Then we determine what type of appraisal / evaluation they require. Today’s blog from Preusser Jewelers talks about the factors that determine the type of jewelry appraisal you require. 

Antique Jewelry

Just because a piece of jewelry is over 100 years old, doesn’t necessarily make it worth more money.

What the piece is made from, type of stones size etc. factor in. Some styles are still desirable, and others are not. Condition of the piece will be a factor as well.   


Prices for diamonds and gemstones follow demands and markets. Gold and platinum and silver are commodities, with pricing that fluctuate all day, five days a week. The appraiser performs market research to determine the value based on what you need the evaluation for (insurance, estate, liquidation, or consignment).

Types of Evaluations/Appraisals

Lastly, we need to tell you about the different types of evaluations for your jewelry. These are based on the reason why you are wanting to have your jewelry assessed in the first place. 

Insurance Appraisal. The insurance value is done when you want to have the jewelry insured, so if it is lost, stolen or damaged, your home-owners or renters policy will allow it to be replaced. We assign this value based on what that item would cost today, plus a small percentage to allow for fluctuations in the market. We strongly suggest that an insurance appraisal for homeowners or renter’s coverage be updated every five years.    

Value. Intrinsic value is the lowest price on this scale. This is solely based on the current market value of the raw materials that comprise the jewelry.

Have More Questions? Preusser’s Has Answers!

Our professionals offer appraisals at our store. The fee is based on the style, and how many items you want done. When complete, we will give you full documentation of what each piece is worth on the current market, to the best of our abilities. Contact us online or call 616-458-1425 for more information. An appointment is required.

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