Start Your Christmas Shopping Early at Preusser Jewelers!

Stackable engagement rings with Christmas background

Winter holiday shopping is upon us in downtown Grand Rapids! Christmas time is the perfect time to shop for engagement rings. So why not start your Christmas shopping now at Preusser Jewelers?

Engagement Season

Most people get engaged in the months between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. December is the most popular month, so it’s important to shop early and often for the perfect engagement ring to highlight your unique relationship.

Trendy and Timeless Jewelery

Preusser has plenty of on trend, and timeless  fine jewelry available for lovebirds everywhere. Rose gold rings offer a beautiful alternative to traditional yellow or white gold. Stackable wedding bands, where you add the wedding band seamlessly to an engagement ring, continue to be popular for couples. 

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones are a great way to switch up your engagement ring’s style. Think about a large gem flanked by two diamonds on either side. Or go for a large center gem with a circle of smaller diamonds around it. No matter what color you love the most, Preusser’s has the engagement ring for you this Christmas!

Contact Preusser Jewelers for Christmas Shopping!

Preusser’s is open for business this holiday season! Contact us online, and we’ll help you find something perfect for your upcoming engagement. Call us at 616-458-1425 to speak to our team of jewelers.

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