Preusser Jewelers

Preusser Jewelers invites you to visit us in historic downtown Grand Rapids. We are located in the historic Ledyard Building on the corner of Ottawa and Pearl. Click here for directions and a map.

In 1850, the Grand Rapids area was a growing settlement and home to about 5,000 people. The town was not more than a Native American trading post. For a young watchmaker from the Detroit area, named William Preusser, this exciting new land was rich with hope for a long future in fine jewelry.

Preusser Jewelers in 1850Today Preusser Jewelers stands as a testament to the values of its founder. Like William Preusser, we believe in creating and maintaining strong relationships by offering the finest jewelry and outstanding personal service, and great value to all our customers.

Preusser Jewelers stands as the oldest jeweler in the state of Michigan and the longest standing business of any kind in Kent County. But we don’t rest on tradition alone. All the pieces we offer reflect our passion for creativity and innovation and beauty.

With 167 years of experience, Preusser Jewelers combines time-honored craftsmanship along with current and contemporary designs. Our store is located in the historic Ledyard Building and is where you can see some of the latest and most innovative works by the finest designers, and feel comfortable and relaxed without being pressured.