2019 Bridal Jewelry Trends

Bridal Jewelry Ring

Bridal jewelry trends may change from year to year, and 2019 is no exception. One thing is certain: your jewelry will look fantastic when all is done. That’s what we do best. We guide you and your partner in choosing the best jewelry for each other, according to your lifestyles. In today’s blog post, Preusser Jewelers talks about 2019 bridal jewelry trends as you research your favorite pieces to wear on your big day.

Custom Wedding Rings

While yellow, white or rose gold, and platinum are all great choices (plus you can have two or three colors of metal in the same ring!), consider custom bands that complement your personalities. One growing trend is to use color gems or your own birthstones in your wedding rings. Custom bands make your bridal jewelry as unique as you are.

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Bridesmaid Jewelry

The bride always stands out from everyone else at a wedding, and should! She gets to wear the most stunning dress and jewelry, whether borrowed or new! Brides today are also changing up the way they want their bridesmaids to look. No longer do they always wear matching dresses and jewelry. This opens up a much larger range of style. The bride now has

many options for color and design, and each allows their attendees to still be individuals. So you can guess what that does for jewelry!  

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones are still a unique choice for the center stone in your engagement ring. When Princess Diana chose her stunning blue sapphire engagement ring, it made a statement. When Prince William proposed, everyone saw that Kate, now the Duchess of Cambridge, wore Princess Diana’s ring. Gemstone engagement rings continue to be unique in 2019. Look for bridal jewelry with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or other colored gems. Consider adding colored gemstones to a wedding band to create a different tone, and add diamonds for extra sparkle.

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Bridal Jewelry at Preusser Jewelers

No matter what your preferences are in bridal jewelry, we have a wide range of options at Preusser Jewelers. We can assist couples with custom jewelry of their own design, or you both can peruse our collections in downtown Grand Rapids. Come by our showroom, contact us online, or call us at (616) 458-1425 for more details.

A Look at Bridal Jewelry From 1850

Vintage Bridal Jewelry

Preusser Jewelers traces its roots back to 1850. That’s when William Preusser founded this company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a frontier town of 5,000 people. Today, we pride ourselves on being a trusted name for fine fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry, and more. In today’s blog, we harken back to our roots and talk about bridal jewelry from around 1850.


Until 1852, jewelry of any kind was handmade. That’s something Preusser Jewelers can appreciate. Bridal jewelry, in particular, was fashionably constructed of 18-karat or 22-karat gold. Rings were embellished with colored gems, such as sapphires, rubies, chalcedony, amethyst, garnet, and topaz. Pearls were also popular. Diamonds weren’t quite en vogue just yet.

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Necklaces were very elaborate in terms of bridal jewelry. Many designs depicted flowers, leaves, and butterflies because Victorians loved nature. Seed pearls were all the rage in 1850. These tiny little gems were used by designers to create flowers with petals while gold or silver formed leaves. Pearls also went into butterfly wings. Elaborate seed pearl necklaces draped the front of the dress and stretched to the middle of the bride’s back.

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Talk to Preusser Jewelers About Custom Bridal Jewelry

At Preusser Jewelers, we care about your personal tastes when it comes to bridal jewelry. Our master craftspeople can custom-make unique and stunning pieces using time-honored techniques and current technology. Call us at (616) 458-1425 or contact us online for more information.