Selected Simon G. Rings Showcased by Preusser Jewelers

Simon G. rings are some of the most sought-designs in North America. Simon G. focuses on quality and design which equals very fine jewelry that has beautiful artistry behind each piece. In today’s blog from Preusser Jewelers, we showcase select designer Simon G. rings that can be yours! 

Engagement Rings

When you look over the wide array of Simon G. bridal jewelry that Preussers has, you may be overwhelmed! You can see the craftsmanship and quality in each setting, curve, and diamonds . Once you start trying them on, you will fall in love with many of them! Engagement rings from Simon G. at Preusser Jewelers range from intricate designs to stunners that have subtle, elegant lines, and bold show stoppers!

Women’s Wedding Bands

Simon G. ring collections offer stylish and beautiful wedding bands. Some have a streamlined, understated look with plenty of details in the platinum or gold, and how the stones are set.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Simon G. men wedding bands rings are fashionable, classic or trendy! Check out our selection of men’s wedding bands at Preusser Jewelers. Like engagement rings, men’s wedding bands go from simple and subtle to spectacularly detailed. Go for a bold, defined look that stands out. Or find something more traditional that still puts a work of art on your finger.

Fine Jewelry

Preusser Jewelers carries multiple collections from Simon G.  Search for something modern, traditional, or a mix of both. Each piece features handcrafted quality and exquisite design. We carry pieces from many of Simon’s collections, including Passion, Garden, Classic Romance, Mosaic, Vintage Explorer, and Modern Enchantment. 

Explore Simon G. at Preusser Jewelers

Look for your next diamond ring, necklace, or diamond earrings from Simon G. at Preusser Jewelers. Stop by our store in downtown Grand Rapids, located on the corner of Pearl and Ottawa.  Or contact us for more information.

Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Visit Jewelers in Grand Rapids

Preusser Jewelers is the premier jewelry store in Grand Rapids and west Michigan. We’ve been in business since 1850, and we’re Michigan’s oldest jeweler! Take a look at why the holidays are the perfect time to visit Preusser Jewelers in Grand Rapids.

Winter Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to visit Preusser Jewelers in Grand Rapids! Come to our store and see our beautifully made and unique diamond jewelry, from rings to necklaces and unusual “one of a kind” pieces. Diamond rings and engagement rings are always in high demand year-round, and even more proposals happen around Christmas and New Year’s!

Trendy and Timeless!

Preusser’s in Grand Rapids showcases the latest trends. Find that signature piece to go with your stunning outfit, shop for bridal jewelry, or choose a killer necklace for a wedding gift that she will love forever. Our options are limitless!


Winter means layers of clothing, which also means layers of jewelry. Think of elongated necklaces with accents in gems and gold combinations. You can wear two or three pieces in different lengths which showcase each other, and they can be worn alone also.  Long necklaces can be wound around your neck twice to go with a different top or sweater!

Preusser Jewelers: One of the Best Jewelers in Grand Rapids

Stop by Preusser Jewelers now and through December and check out some great specials on fantastic fine jewelry. Our dedication to customer service and our selection of fine jewelry can’t be beat by other jewelers in Grand Rapids. We’d love to see you!

Learn About Timeless Engagement Rings for Couples

Check out these styles of engagement rings for couples at Preusser Jewelers. We have plenty of choices in our showroom in downtown Grand Rapids!


The classic definition of a solitaire engagement ring is quite simple. Classically, it is a single diamond (any shape) which is mounted on a simple plain band, usually thin. 


Halo engagement rings have a diamond or gemstone mounted in the middle, which is usually surrounded by diamonds.  The center stone can be any shape or size. The stones that make up the halo should be set right next to the main stone, without any gaps.  

Three Stone

Three-stone engagement rings have been around for over 100 years. Usually the center stone is slightly larger than the ones framing it. Quite often the three stones will be the same shape, but not always. There are many combinations that can be quite beautiful, like an oval in the center, with a pear shape on each side. The pears are set horizontally so the point is facing out. Also, you can combine diamonds and gems. Have a diamond set in the center and flanked by rubies, for example. You can imagine all the combinations!


Marquise diamonds are making a comeback! Sometimes people call them the diamonds that are shaped like a football! They also look larger than round diamonds even though they weigh the same. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, marquise-shaped diamonds were the most popular shape after round diamonds. When cut beautifully, they are very elegant, and can make a shorter finger look longer and slimmer.

Engagement Rings at Preusser Jewelers

Stop by Preussers in downtown Grand Rapids to look over our wide selection of classic, modern, and stunning engagement rings. If we don’t have something that wows you, our craftspeople can design a beautiful ring just for you. Contact Preusser Jewelers for more details on what we can do!

Select Your Perfect Gold Diamond Band

Gold or platinum bands with diamonds are timeless. The combination is always beautiful, no matter how the ring is made. With a beautifully designed and fine quality ring from Preusser Jewelers, you can be confident, and know you will enjoy wearing it for many years to come.


Gold comes in three colors: yellow, white, and rose. Yellow gold is the way gold comes from the earth. White gold has various alloys from nickel to zinc and palladium to give it a white-ish color.  Then it is plated with rhodium to make it bright white. Rose gold has copper in it to give it a pinkish-rose color.


The width of the ring that looks best on you will be determined by the size and length of your fingers. It can have small stones, yet still be framed in a wide chunky style. Or go for large stones with just enough metal to hold the stones securely. There are so many ways to do them!

Comfort Fit Bands

Most men’s wedding bands are comfort fit.  Comfort fit bands have a slightly domed interior which takes away the noticing the feeling of the outer edge. Women’s bands (usually plain) can have this, also. 

Gold Diamond Bands at Preusser Jewelers

Come by and see our gold diamond bands at Preusser Jewelers. We’ve been downtown Grand Rapids has been here since 1850! Come by our showroom or contact Preusser Jewelers today!

See Our Beautiful Stackable Wedding Bands in Grand Rapids

Stackable wedding bands and fashion rings are all the rage. When worn together, stackables change their look, and make it seem like they are a single ring! The overall look is bolder than just a single band. By wearing them in different orders, you can change up the appearance. In today’s blog, Preusser Jewelers showcases some of our beautiful stackable wedding bands in Grand Rapids.

Eternity Bands

Some of our stackable wedding bands in Grand Rapids are also eternity bands. They have gems or diamonds all the way around. It doesn’t matter if the ring spins, there are always gems showing! Combine two or three eternity (or more!) bands for an amazing glittery display!

Colored Gems

Do you want some color in your rings? We have more than just diamonds in our stackable fashion and wedding bands in Preussers. Throw in sapphires, emeralds, or amethysts to name a few. Stackables can also have only one gem. Then you can stack some together, and have the gems from the rings appear to zigzag on your finger!

Metal Choices

The different colors of yellow, white and rose gold will flatter different shades of skin. Sometimes what you think you want isn’t always what looks best on you! By trying them on and comparing them, we will help you make the best choice. Remember there are no rules. You love it? Then get it!

We have plenty of options here at Preusser Jewelers!

Stackable Wedding Bands in Grand Rapids

Come to Preusser Jewelers to see the best stackable wedding bands and fashion rings in Grand Rapids. We have so many styles of bands with color gems and diamonds. Stackables work in so many ways, with just diamonds or just color, it can be hard to decide! Contact Preusser Jewelers, or better yet, come by our store in downtown Grand Rapids. Let us wow you with all of the choices!    

What Is Custom Diamond Jewelry?

Custom Diamond Jewelry Preusser Jewelers

Located in downtown Grand Rapids since 1850, Preusser Jewelers is more than just a jewelry store. Our master craftspeople design and create custom diamond jewelry perfectly suited to your unique style, taste, and eye for design. Today’s blog from Preusser Jewelers explains what custom diamond jewelry is and how we make an item come to life.

Choose a Design Early

If you have a specific timeline or deadline in mind for custom jewelry, start the design process early. Custom design averages approximately four to six weeks to complete. 

Bring Your Inspiration

You can see your perfect piece of jewelry in your mind. Bringing your ideas to life is what we do. It’s helpful if you bring your phone or laptop, drawings, or photos of what inspired you so that our designers can turn your thoughts into reality.

Come to Preusser Jewelers

Step inside Preusser Jewelers to see what we have to offer. You might find more inspiring pieces here. We can ask you questions about what you want for special touches on your custom diamond jewelry. We’re just as excited about designing jewelry as you are! The best way to get the process started is to visit us.

Preusser Jewelers and Custom Diamond Jewelry

Come visit us at Preusser Jewelers to design your perfect custom diamond jewelry. Our staff is here for you every step of the way! If you have questions, feel free to contact Preusser Jewelers or call (616) 458-1425.

How We Define High-End Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Preusser Jewelers

At Preusser Jewelers, we don’t sell just any kind of jewelry. We specialize in very fine, upscale jewelry for our customers. Our store is filled with delightful treasures made with diamonds and many beautiful color gemstones. Looking for the perfect engagement ring or wedding band? We’ve got them. Today’s post from Preusser Jewelers discusses what fine jewelry is.

Defining Fine Jewelry

You can get fine jewelry in many places. But is it really “fine”? Big box stores buy many styles in the thousands, and then are sold in hundreds of stores across the country. How well-made is that piece? Were the gems and precious metals ethically mined? Were the gems hand-selected for the best match and beauty? At Preusser Jewelers, we know they are. We have met the people who are the designers, like Simon G, Christopher Slowinski, and Peter Storm to name a few. 

Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

Just because a diamond is in a piece of jewelry doesn’t necessarily make it “fine.” Even if a diamond is tiny, it should still be well-cut so it refracts light as much as possible. That’s the sparkle factor! If it’s not, and looks like it has lots of specks in it, or to put it bluntly, frozen 

spit, is that fine jewelry? No. Even tiny diamonds should be well matched for size, cut, color, and clarity.

Fine Jewelry at Preusser Jewelers

Fine jewelry is perfect for life’s special occasions, and celebrations. Or you just simply LOVE jewelry! Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and engagements, births, (or if you are in the dog house!) jewelry can make that special day even better. Plus the receiver will always remember that occasion, every time they put it on. Also passing it on after you’ve gone, makes it even more special, and a happy memory. Stop by Preusser Jewelers today to see what we’ve got.

Why Preusser Jewelers Is the Top Choice Among Grand Rapids Jewelers

Grand Rapids Jewelers Preusser Jewelers

Preusser Jewelers believes diamonds are forever. We should know. Our store opened in downtown Grand Rapids in 1850, and we’ve been open ever since. Check out why Preusser Jewelers is the choice in Grand Rapids and Michigan!

Knowledgeable Staff

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can show you so many styles of fine jewelry. Look for fashion diamond and color rings, bridal jewelry, and more! Our store has many styles from well-known jewelry designers. Preusser Jewelers also has a master jeweler in house who can help bring your custom design wishes to life! As one of the best jewelry stores in Michigan, and the oldest, Preusser Jewelers can’t be beaten for quality and service. 

Fine Estate Jewelry

Preusser Jewelers offers pieces which we have purchased from estates, individuals, and trade-ins. Also, our estate department has jewelry on consignment. We consider every piece carefully, and they must meet our standards. We only offer unique and well-made jewelry that will bring its new owner (you!) much happiness! 


We can appraise your jewelry collection for insurance purposes, estate or tax reasons, or for liquidation. Our fees are reasonable, and we give you the most accurate valuation possible based on current market prices, demand, grade, and style. Don’t settle for an antique store that sells furniture, art, and jewelry. Rely on Preusser Jewelers, who knows what each piece is really worth. Call us for an appointment. Turnaround times are almost always short, depending on how many pieces are being evaluated.

Preusser Jewelers: The Finest Grand Rapids Jeweler

Check out our beautiful collections of various designers. We’re right here in downtown Grand Rapids, where we’ve always been. It doesn’t get any better than Preusser Jewelers, Michigan’s oldest jeweler. Contact Preusser Jewelers or call (616) 458-1425 for more details.

How to Custom Design Unique Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Ring Preusser Jeweler

The dedicated staff at Preusser Jewelers wants you to have the best experience possible as soon as you walk in the door. We want you to have the perfect piece of jewelry! A custom crafted engagement ring that will showcase your individual style. Today’s blog from Preusser Jewelers highlights custom designed engagement rings.

Start With the Diamond and Gemstones

Let’s face it. A unique engagement ring is all about the center stone! Choose it based on

the shape you love most, and imagine enjoying it for many years to come. Our diamonds

come with a lab report from GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Their standards are the highest in the world. 

Create the Setting

Once you have chosen the center stone, the ring can then be designed based on your

ideas. We can then implement them based on your style and your lifestyle! Certain styles

will work for some and not others. We can explain that so you understand what will be best

for YOU!

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Choose the Type of Metal

Preusser Jewelers can create unique engagement rings out of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. White gold and platinum enhance the shine of diamonds, while yellow and rose gold add warmth. Your skin may look better in some colors than others. 

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Make a Model

Once you have your design in mind, our jeweler will carve a wax form the design or we create a CAD image on a computer. That way you can make sure it’s what you want. This is when we tweak the design if needed. When you tell us “That’s it!”, we get to work. The hard part comes next, waiting to see the finished ring! Rest assured, we want you to be happy with our work. Intricate pieces may take longer to make, but the end result will leave you breathless! 

Contact Preusser Jewelers to Make a Unique Engagement Ring

Preusser Jewelers is Michigan’s oldest jeweler. Our expert staff will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect unique engagement ring. Contact Preusser Jewelers or stop by our store in downtown Grand Rapids for more information.

Why Preusser Jewelers Is One of the Best Jewelry Stores in Michigan

Best Jewelry Stores in Michigan Preusser Jewelers

Preusser Jewelers is not your average jewelry store. Our staff prides itself on first-class customer service for everyone who comes to our store. In today’s blog, discover why Preusser Jewelers is one of the best jewelry stores in Michigan. 


Preusser Jewelers offers ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals. See our selection of hundreds of diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity bands that showcase your special relationship!  Excellent quality, price and service is important if you want to be one of the best jewelry stores in Michigan!


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Custom Jewelry

Our in-house master jeweler and experienced staff can help you design the ring, necklace, or earrings of your dreams. Pick out your gems, setting, and precious metal, and we’ll get to work. We’ll have your custom jewelry done in about four to six weeks as one of the best jewelry stores in Michigan. 

Top Designers

Preusser Jewelers highlights collections from a dozen top designer jewelers. Many collections are Made in the USA! We sell some of the finest collections in Michigan and the Midwest.


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Our master jeweler has more than 30 years of experience. Preusser Jewelers has been in downtown Grand Rapids since 1850. Our staff has many years of experience and knowledge in the jewelry industry. See why our experience makes the difference in one of the best jewelry stores in Michigan.

See Preusser Jewelers Today

Stop by our store in downtown Grand Rapids today. We promise we’ll take care of you, talk to you about your options, and come up with the best possible jewelry for you. Contact Preusser Jewelers for more information, and find out how we became one of the best jewelry stores in Michigan!