Fine Jewelry FAQs

Preusser Jewelers in Downtown Grand Rapids

Preusser Jewelers in downtown Grand Rapids highlights and sells  the finest jewelry in our beautiful city. We take pride in having beautiful pieces of jewelry along with wonderful customer service. 

Today, our staff answers several frequently asked questions about fine jewelry.

What is considered fine jewelry?

Fine jewelry means any jewelry made from precious metals and precious, genuine gemstones.

Look for pieces made from these metals

Silver, gold or platinum

Consider rings, earrings, and necklaces containing:

Diamonds of any color

Red rubies

Blue sapphires

Green emeralds

Fine jewelry is also much sturdier and stronger than fashion jewelry.

What are good timeless fine jewelry choices?

When considering what fine jewelry to add to your collection, you have some great choices for modern tastes and classic styles.

  1. Pendants. This type of fine jewelry typically has a chain with a gem on the end of it. 16” to 20” pendants work best with most necklines.  You can also pair a pendant with coordinating earrings, or a longer accent chain.
  2. Stud Earrings. Add some sparkle to your ears with a pair of stud earrings. Diamond studs go with everything, and are the most popular earring.  
  3. Eternity Bands. An eternity band features diamonds and/or other gemstones that go all the way around. No matter where you look on the band, you see sparkle. You can choose an eternity band made from the same gemstones or with alternating diamonds and gemstones. 
  4. Huggies. These earrings form a small loop that accentuates multiple small gemstones. The smaller hoops allow you to add some sparkle to your look without the earrings getting in the way of your hair.
  5. Tennis Bracelets. These are simple, in-line  bracelets, set with diamonds or gemstones from end to end. 
  6. Statement Rings. Wearing a statement ring means you want all eyes focused on that piece of fine jewelry.  Your statement ring is one-of-a-kind, just like you. Pair a large statement ring with smaller stackable rings to create a dynamic ensemble.

Where can I purchase fine jewelry in Grand Rapids?

At Michigan’s oldest jeweler, right here in the heart of Grand Rapids, Preusser Jewelers sells the best fine jewelry you can find. With a dozen designer collections, we can show you stunning engagement rings and bridal jewelry that fits your lifestyle and edifies your special relationship.

Contact us online or call 616-458-1425 for more information. 

Better yet, come into our downtown store and see what we have!

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