See Our Beautiful Stackable Wedding Bands in Grand Rapids

Stackable wedding bands and fashion rings are all the rage. When worn together, stackables change their look, and make it seem like they are a single ring! The overall look is bolder than just a single band. By wearing them in different orders, you can change up the appearance. In today’s blog, Preusser Jewelers showcases some of our beautiful stackable wedding bands in Grand Rapids.

Eternity Bands

Some of our stackable wedding bands in Grand Rapids are also eternity bands. They have gems or diamonds all the way around. It doesn’t matter if the ring spins, there are always gems showing! Combine two or three eternity (or more!) bands for an amazing glittery display!

Colored Gems

Do you want some color in your rings? We have more than just diamonds in our stackable fashion and wedding bands in Preussers. Throw in sapphires, emeralds, or amethysts to name a few. Stackables can also have only one gem. Then you can stack some together, and have the gems from the rings appear to zigzag on your finger!

Metal Choices

The different colors of yellow, white and rose gold will flatter different shades of skin. Sometimes what you think you want isn’t always what looks best on you! By trying them on and comparing them, we will help you make the best choice. Remember there are no rules. You love it? Then get it!

We have plenty of options here at Preusser Jewelers!

Stackable Wedding Bands in Grand Rapids

Come to Preusser Jewelers to see the best stackable wedding bands and fashion rings in Grand Rapids. We have so many styles of bands with color gems and diamonds. Stackables work in so many ways, with just diamonds or just color, it can be hard to decide! Contact Preusser Jewelers, or better yet, come by our store in downtown Grand Rapids. Let us wow you with all of the choices!    

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